The main activities of the institute are:

> Linkage of research and publishing activities in the field of humanities.

> Establishing research collaboration among humanistic institutions in Slovenia and internationally.

> Promotion of humanities in Slovenia and internationally.

> Organization of scientific conferences on the field humanistic sciences.

> Interdisciplinary and special researches in the fields of philosophy, historiography, religiology, anthropology, aesthetics, cultural studies, ethnology, history of art, theory of science, cognitive sciences, Slovene studies, history of literature, lexicography, humanistic views on culture, media, economy, ecology, law, politics.

> Scientific and professional publication of critical editions of fundamental works in the field of humanities.

> Initiation of graduate students of the humanities into research and editorial activities.

> The mediating of humanistic research on the areas of education, culture and media.


The involvement of researchers from other humanistic institutions in Slovenia as collaborations with researchers from other countries (stated on the list of the collaborating institutions) is one of the main importances. In special editions and journal publications the new research perspectives in the fields of historiography, philosophy, history of art, aesthetics, ethics, theory of culture, humanistic methodology, theory of social science have been discussed. A great number of graduate and postgraduate students in the field of humanities has had an opportunity to publish their articles, translations and critical reviews. Research group works in an environment, which is tightly connected with publishing and gathering activities, what encourages creative ideas and opens up the possibilities for a critical dialogue on the basic questions of today’s society.  Members of the research group join their research work with pedagogical, editorial and media activities. Some of them are members of national and international scientific, educational and cultural commissions.